2016 Publications

All manuscripts listed on this page, acknowledge receiving support from RCMAR/CHIME (NIA Grant #P30-AG021684) or UCLA CTSI (NCATS Grant # UL1TR001881).

Kwon I, Bharmal N, Choi S, Araiza D, Moore MR, Trejo L, Sarkisian CA. Older ethnic minority women's perceptions of stroke prevention and walking. Womens Health Issues. 2016 Jan-Feb.; 26(1):80-6 PMID: 26411494 PMCID: PMC4690776
Bharmal N, Lucas-Wright AA, Vassar SD, Jones F, Jones L, Wells R, Cienega J, Brown AF. A community engagement symposium to prevent and improve stroke outcomes in diverse communities. Prog Community Health Partnersh. 2016; 10(1):149-58 PMID: 27018364 PMCID: PMC4943874
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Mendez-Luck CA, Geldhof GJ, Anthony KP, Steers WN, Mangione CM, Hays RD. Orientation to the Caregiver Role Among Latinas of Mexican Origin. Gerontologist. 2016 Jun 23. pii: gnw087. [Epub ahead of print] (A/o 11/15/2016 still Epub); PMID: 27342443 PMCID: A/o 11/15/2016 PMCID not available.
Mendez-Luck CA, Amorim C, Anthony KP. Talk versus Action: Comparing the Narratives and Behaviors of Diabetes Self-Management in Latino Caregiving Dyads. Diabetes Educ. 2016 Aug; 42(4):444-51. PMID: 27307474 PMCID: A/o 11/15/2016 PMCID not available.
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